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I joined the Pretoria amature radio club on the 25 November 1976 recieving a listerners licence of ZS6230. My first atempt at the amateur radio exam in 1977 was a disaster and I went on with my life. Unfortunatly once the bug has bitten you never get away from it so when my wife and I wanted to share somthing we returned This time we both attended classes and when we wrote the exam on the 20 November 1991 we both passed together. The club was such fun with so much to do, enjoy and talk about that we accepted the calling and we joined the Committee. We continued in service the following year when the club hosted the (ARA93 Amature Radio Africa 1993) show. This proved to be the final straw and a serious respite was called for.

My first radio was an Edistone A40A transworld receiver and it was this piece of equipment that first fired my imagination. Shortly after our marriage we bought an Icom IC-R71E communications receiver and spent many happy years building various antennae. Each one was more advanced than the last but never the ultimate receiver of signals. After we passed our exams we bought an Icom IC-271E 2 meter tranceiver and joined the Sunday morning repeater chat.

On the 12 January 1993 we joined SAATI (South African Telecomunications Institute). We where sucessful in avoiding the committee calling, but only by producing most if the documentation supplied by SAATI at the ARA93 show.

The next thing on my exceedingly long list is to complete my morse code and get a ZS licence.