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The bird table is mounted on the burglar bars of the living room window. It is about six foot above the ground with no over hanging trees just bushes around it. with the present cat population the tray seems reasonably safe. There is a little seed tray with a roof over hanging about 3 feet above the bird table with wild bird seed in it.
Indian Minor Barbet Nest

Indian Myna

They come to the seed tray when there is something new on it but they seem not to be really interested in anything we put out there. We see them over the road going through the dustbins and pecking around the shopping centre. The song does not seem particularly beautiful but is seem to vary incredibly. They have formed a communal nest in a tall palm tree next door.
Hadeda Ibis

Hadeda Ibis

The Hadeda is the largest bird that comes visiting but is only interested in the grubs in the lawn and not the seed trays. It is about the size of a large cat on long legs. It enjoys teasing our cats and dogs. They sit in the trees and taunt the animals below and if the cats climb the tree to catch them they hop to the next tree and taunt them some more.