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Princess Smudge

Princess Smudge

We have been totally sold on Maine Coon cats ever since haveing one of our own. In the tears and misery of our losing him we found the Emalini Cattery and went to see their kittens. We fell in love with Princess Smudge alias Twinkle Toes and knew at once she was the one for us. Now we live with baited breath waiting for the day her mother will finish her training and she can come and stay with us. Her bed has been made, the house cleaned, her climbing pole fixed and even the dogs bathed and groomed to welcome her home.

with Mother
Smudge with her Mother
10 days old
Smudge at 10 days old
4 weeks old
Smudge at 4 weeks old
6 Weeks old
Only one week to go
She is 6 weeks old
6 Weeks old
Still with her mother
She is 6 weeks old
6 Weeks old
Still with her mother
She is 7 weeks old
At last the time came to bring her home and she has setteld in increadibly well. Thom is the only one we have spoken to and also the one whose tail we have played with. As for Rex we already horsey up to him sideways. I can see a rough future for Rex ahead as Smudge grows and he can't escape her. She has had a runny tummy only once or twice but eats all day long.
9 Weeks old
9 Weeks old and
peas just did not do it
Relaxing on our pole
Relaxing on our pole
Surveying the peasents
10 Weeks old
10 Weeks old and
and here we go again
The next week we thought was going to be a traumatic one for Smudge but it turned out just to be another adventure. Exploring all over the vets reception area and his table and I don't think she even noticed receiving her chip which was the largest needle she will ever experience. She is now completely ensconced into our routine and is sitting at the door in the morning and the evening waiting to be let in to our room to play. Smudge ignores Maggie but is already looking at Thom with excitement and chases Rex who is only double her size.
3 Months old
3 Months old and
setteled in to the routene
Haveing fun
The Shopoholic
Assisting with her hobby
6 Months old
6 Months old on her birthday
The last week was a very quiet one where the daily routine was disrupted. At last this week the routine is back again to normal. I saw a device on the Internet that taught a cat to use the human toilet instead of a sand tray. I was unable to get hold of one here so I made one. Smudge has been useing this now for almost a month and I think another month she will not need it at all. Last week Smudge went for her op at the vet. He had a cat there who was already on heat and the trauma it was under was terible. We were glad we taken her before her hormones started playing up.
3 Months old
I think this bed
has a wrinkle here
Haveing fun
This Housekeeping
is tiring
6 Months old
6 Months old


Here we have the very first cat we have bought and which has not adopted us. After 14 cats we found ourselves alone and unowned. This year, 2011 Jingles disappeared and Cheekie died. After weeks of hunting we eventualy decided we needed to get the house owned again. We hunted through the breeds and after visiting a friend made our decision. The news paper revealed our latest owner a Maine Coon called Coco. We fetched her late one Tuesday night from Benoni and she setteled in immediatly.

6 Weeks old
The day she arrived
She was 6 weeks old
6 Weeks old
Three week later
She was 9 weeks old
3 Months old
Six weeks later
She was 12 weeks or 3 months old
4 Months old
Ten weeks or 4 months later
We did a lot of searching on the Internet about cat health, food and feeding cats. After all this research we decided that Coco would servive on a majority raw diet. A trip to our local butcher supplied us with a packet of frozen chicken hearts, chicken livers and chicken thighs. This we minced up all together still frozen, seperated into small plastic containers and saved in the freezer. At 6 weeks one container lasted a little over three days. At 9 weeks one small plastic container lasts a day and is suplimented by dried kitten food.

We took her for her second inoculations and the vet said there was a mistake because SHE should not have these two little things down here. We returned him the very next day to the vet to have them removed. He is a very sweet cat and follows us around the house he sits in between the dogs and wants his treat or fuss as well. I made a small ball of paper and our game is to run and fetch it when I flick it across the bed. At 6 months he started expressing his feelings about the raw food. Every time we put a dish down he would try and burry it in the counter top and then go and eat kibbles.

We wanted to buy a new sofa but knew from experience that it will get wrecked like the old one. I took a piece of plastic drain pipe and covered it in carpet offcuts and mounted it between the floor and the ce6ling. I fastened 2 shelves on to it with holes in them at 5 feet and 6.5 feet from the floor. The carpet was owned and before long started looking quite tatty in places but our sofa is still as good as new without a single claw mark in it.

His evil side came out with the theft of Rex's teddy. The fluffy toy was almost the same size as Coco himself so he could only drag it around the house by one arm or a leg. Once captured teddy had to be washed all over until it was sopping wet. Then it was kicked and bitten for some perceved slight. The advantage with this was that we could tickle Coco and teddy got the retaliation. ;-)

Coco died at 16 Months of lymphatic cancer.

Feeding time at the zoo

All our cats have adopted us. Most of them came from the shopping center across the street. At one time we were feeding up to 12 cats every night. Some of whom refused to even come into the house. There is a bowl of dried cat food on a counter for the cats to come and nibble whenever they want to. They are also fed tined pets fish every night to get them inside the house. Pippie was run over by a car on our busy street one night so none are allowed out any more. Here are the few we have left.



In 1996 Maureen was walking along the road in the middle of town when this tiny kitten came crying up to her. She looked as if she had been kicked with one eye all swollen up and full of puss. We really thought that she had only one eye left, but after treatment at the vet the swelling went down and the other eye appeared. Pudding (a corruption of puddycat) is our puppy cat - she follows us around the house and comes to greet us when we come home. She loves the sun in the morning streaming across the bed and purrs loudly when fused. She is now getting on in life and is almost totally deaf.




We inherited Thomas from my parents when we bought their house. This caused no end of trouble because he was the man about the house and Pudding was in charge of the contents. They could not see eye to eye for many years. I almost always backed Pudding (she being my favorite) unless I caught her deliberately prevoking Thomas. She tried often when I was around believing I would defend her when Thomas retaliate. His worst trait is that he has to sing for his supper no matter how fast you prepare it. He is actually a good-harted soul and always desperate for a fuss.



Mannie "Manuel" is our rat catcher. He, Cheeky and their two brothers (Pippie and Monty) were rescued from a Tupperware box as kittens. Mannie is now just over 10 Kg (22 Lbs) in weight. Weather it is in his genes or because of his dietary supplements or both we do not know. The vet has found nothing radically wrong with him. We have tried medication and also homoeopathic treatment on him. He does not eat very much and no more than the other cats. He has a very docile temperament and will let you do almost anything with him. His favourite spot is in an old green grocers box in the kitchen where he can be fused by everyone passing.



When the 4 kittens were taken to the vet for the first time he was the last one left in the basket. Fearing for his life he let the vet have it - fighting for his life he left his mark on the mans finger. And since then he has only two modes ie.loving to complete distraction or a life and death battle. He is the wanderer spending most of his time in the garden and only coming in when he wants something. (Love, food or water in that order.)



Jingles moved in from next door. His full name was Jingle Balls but when he adopted us he was also unfortunately renamed by the vet :-) When we took him to the vet we discovered that he had only one tooth, the left eye tooth. We thought nothing of this until we went back a year later for a checkup and discovered that almost all our cats are now down to only one or two teeth. Their food or lifestyle has not changed in that year but their dentistry sure has.