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Maggie 6 weeks Somthing smells interesting


Born in October 2001 in Midrand. I bought her as a watch dog for my wife. Maggie had a fight with Mannie our cat, who by the way weighs just over 10 Kg, and had her tear duct torn. The Veterinary Eye Hospital fixed the damage but she was still on medication when we were due to go on holiday. So at five months she spent 9 hours in the back of the car and saw the sea for the first time in her life. The caravan park was happy to have her there so long as there was no mess. There were no thefts during the two weeks we were there and we were welcomed back anytime.
Maggie one year old On the beach The two of us formed a bond sitting together on the floor watching TV that was cemented when we went to dog training school. We both worked with her but it became obvious whose dog she was going to become. She is very energetic and the only way to tire her out was to throw a toy out the window and let her run right around the house to retrieve it. She started training at 6 months and half a year later is the best dog in the school (a totally unbiased opinion :-) of course. She dashes about if you just touch her lead and can't wait to get to class every week. She does not jump very high but picks up new challenges very fast.
What's that? sand Castles We fed Maggie on dried food only which we got from our local Vetinerian. She had puppy food for the first year of her life and only then went on to adult food. She also got a bone every night which we bought from our local supermarket. After a year and a half she started eating her bone in the middle of the passage way and growling at any cat that wanted to pass. At that point she stopped getting her bones regularly every night and only sometimes during the day.
Spanial and Border Collie

My wife got tired of watching Maggie and I having fun so when she saw a black cocker spaniel at the Police training centre she decided to end it right there. Within four hours of leaving the Centre she had found Thom.

  Cocker Spaniel
Spanial 6 weeks The bed bug


Born in October 2003 in Erasmuskloof Pretoria he is very bright and I can't wait to see how he does in class. He is full of beans and has a habit of dragging any piece of decaying plant matter into the house and munching it up on the floor. I am hoping that when he is grown cleaning the house will not be such a fruitless task any more. Unfortunately he must wait until he is six months old before he can attend dog classes. Until then he will be attending puppy class. We have all got to find out what is going to happen there.

The Food dispencer

We have had some fun feeding Thom. He must get puppy food and Maggie the adult food. As with any pack this is not an acceptable situation. I started with an old washing powder container in which I cut a hole in the end. Thom could put his head inside but Maggie could not. This worked until Thom grew too big. Then I put a small shelf with Maggie's food on top and Thom's underneath.

Now with the bones I gave them each one. Maggie immediately took hers and buried it, then she returned and took Thom's. I gave them three bones so that if she guarded one while eating the other there was still a third he could get at. I gave them the bones in the evening so they could not be buried and they played musical bones all night. We also had to put the water bowl on two bricks to stop Thom trying to dig the bowl out deeper with the accompanying mess.