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The 7 th January 2001 was a turning point in our lives. It was on that day that we first met Siva Sivakumar at his Yoga studio. He has introduced us to Swami Vivekananda and the Raja-Yoga philosophy. Practising Hatha Yoga in his Sivaya Yoga Studio we have both watched the years roll back. Unlike gym which firms up the muscles Yoga stretches them as well as firming them up. This give the body greater flexibility as well as making it stronger. This means that getting the pot out of the bottom of the kitchen cupboard as well as climbing the stairs at the shopping centre are both easier.

Looking around me I see over and over again that old age is defined by a lack of mobility. The difficulty with which a person goes through their daily chores defines their age. I have watched for years my wife, who has osteoarthritis in most of her joints including her spine, getting less mobile. After four months at the Yoga Studio she moved much more easily. Without the constant pain she slept better and for the first time in my life I found trying to keep up with her while shopping quite exhausting. As for me I can now reach parts of my anatomy I had only ever read about.

When Siva started his advanced or pranyama classes we were one of the first in the queue. The breathing techniques have helped me in times of stress and given me an expanded outlook. I found many questions, even more so as I read, but having them explained and put in context has meant that I have not yet found anything against the fundamental beliefs I started out with. Even though he repeatedly reminds me that this is not what he teaches he is always ready to put me straight and sort out my weird ideas.

The more I delve into Yoga, as with everything I seem to have tackled in my life, the more I find out the less I realize I know.

Contacts: Siva Siviakumar
Phone: +2712 362 8560
FAX: +2712 344 4544
E-mail: info@yogafit.co.za
Web site: www.yogafit.co.za


Books I enjoyed

The foundation of my yoga research
swami vivekananda
Publisher: Ashrama Mayavati Almora Himalayas (10M3C)

The best Hatha Yoga book I have found
Anatomy of hatha Yoga
by: H. David Coulter
Publisher: Body and Breath Honesdale PA USA (RA781.7.C685 2001)